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Why Choose Us ?

  • As part of an integrated steel and tube manufacturing company, we have the unique advantage of being in complete control of our pre-material supply chain both in terms of quality as well as deliveries. Our pre-material, tubes as well as steel, is already approved by a very large spectrum of OEMs across the world. Therefore, when you buy a machined component from us we take quality and delivery responsibility for the entire product from raw material to machining.
  • We are an engineering company. At IPP, our goal is to use our application-oriented manufacturing approach to help our customers reduce costs, cut lead times, and improve quality.
  • Our manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art and are operated by highly trained and skilled manpower so that we deliver a quality product each time.
  • We have been supplying satisfied customers all over the world for the last 20 years. We understand the expectations of our customers, both domestic as well as international, and we have the knowledge and resources to provide our customers the 24 x 7 pre and post-sales support that they require.

    We assure Transparency. We deliver Quality. We are Accountable. We give you Peace of Mind.