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Tubes for Hydraulic Cylinders

ISMT Limited has developed a range of specialized tubes for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders. The steel used for the manufacture of these tubes is produced inhouse. The steel is produced through the electric arc furnace route, is fully killed and vacuum degassed ensuring a very low inclusion rating. As a result, cylinders produced from these tubes have a blemish free surface finish and a longer service life. Furthermore, these tubes are produced through the Assel Mill route resulting in very tight dimensional tolerances thus minimizing the requirement for final machining.

Depending on the finishing operation to be used by the customer for producing the cylinder, ISMT Limited supplies hydraulic cylinder tubes in three different categories (Type I, Type II, Type III). These categories are distinguished not only by the dimensional tolerances of the tubes but also by the excess material left for the finishing operation. Within each of these categories, tubes can be supplied from four standardized grades of steel. Alternatively, the company can make tubes from a customized grade of steel to meet the specific requirements of a customer.

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