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Electronic Control Items - Steel division

Sale of Electronic Control Items

M/s. ISMT Limited,Pune offers for sale following Electronic Control & other listed items on "As is Where is" Basis.

Sr.No.Equipment DescriptionQuantity (Nos.)
1STP Card Taylor Make For WHF control system2
2High speed counter Module For XMP- 8-40 Messung PLC.1
3ABB (Taylor) make control panel with MOD 30 controller system for
WHF monitoring & control (Contains Auxiliary & Instrument Panels.
4Grind Master 1.9KVA AC drive panel without AC Drive.1
5BHF POWER Supply control Panel for 540 KW system1
6BHF Panel with ABB PLC & Thyristor control Eurotherm System 600 Kw1
7Auto Cutter DC Drive Control Panel 3 KW1
8QHMV 301 PCB For ABB make weighing system MP100 W1
9DSPX 310 PCB For ABB make weighing system MP100 W1
10YXT 124 PCB For ABB make ASTAT 84 Crane AC drive4
11YXT 125 PCB For ABB make ASTAT 84 Crane AC drive4
12YXU 164 PCB For ABB make ASTAT 84 Crane AC drive4
13ABB make MP100 Weighing system Comprising of CPU, Signal conditioner & Large display cards2
14Siemens PLC cards S5 100 U 6ES5 100- 8MA021
15Siemens PLC cards D/I 6ES5 431-8MA112
16Siemens PLC cards S5 95 U 6ES5 95- 8MA011
17Siemens PLC cards S5 D/O 6ES5 441 8MA112
18Siemens PLC cards S5 D/I 6ES5 421- 8MA122
19QEIL 506 FOR MP100 W For ABB make Weighing system4
20Combined CT PT Unit 22 KV System1
21Trivector Meters2
226.6 KV 50 A starter panel1
2333 KV 400 mm2 Indoor Cable termination kit Raychem make2

These items are at Steel plant, Jejuri (Near Pune). The above items are available for inspection (& submitting offer) for 3 weeks from the date of this advertisement (during working hours & with prior appointment) at respective location.

Contact Persons :

Ph. (02115) 253335 / 116 Electrical Maintenance:
(For Sr. No. 1 to 7 - Mr. Dode - 9922436088, For Sr. No. 8 To 23 - Mr. Shitole.)