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Special Tubes for Power Generation and Energy Industry

ISMT manufactures the entire spectrum of seamless tubes required by the power generation and energy industries. Our tubes are used in manufacturing boilers, heat exchangers, super-heaters, heat recovery, steam generators and other heat transfer devices. All ISMT tubes embody over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of application specific tubes for the power generation industry. We melt all our steel in-house and our tubes are manufactured to the most stringent industry standards.


Our research and product development teams have worked closely with our customers to develop a very wide range of products.

  • Size range extending upto 273 mm dia (10 inches)
  • Multi-rifled tubes (both A and B series)
  • Creep resistant T – series tubes including T1, T5, T11, T22, T91, T92 and T23 grades
  • Long length tubes upto 25.5 meters
  • Cold drawn tubes


With extensive years of experience in supplying tubes to the power generation sector, we are fully aware of the criticality of these tubes. Therefore, we manufacture all our steel in-house through the electric arc furnace route maintaining complete control of the entire production process.

The raw material mix is chosen and prepared carefully to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. All heats are fully killed, ladle refined and vacuum degassed before continuous casting and rolling. Right through the production process, we maintain full traceability of the material and a record of the tightly controlled process parameters. This ultra-clean steel forms the starting point for the manufacture of our seamless tubes. Stringent process control continues through the tube rolling as well as final heat treatment process so that we are able to deliver tubes with smooth ID quality, uniform grain structure, and excellent straightness.


The manufacture of precision seamless tubes is as much a matter of equipment as it is of experience and process technology. We believe in investing in the finest of equipment. For manufacturing seamless tubes, we operate three Assel Mills and a brand new PQF Mill. We also have a number of cold draw benches for producing cold draw tubes. Our tube-mills are from Shloemann Mannesman in Germany and incorporate the best technology. The state-of-art equipment is backed by an operating team that is amongst the most technically qualified anywhere in the world – the tubes that we produce for the power generation and energy industries reflect this experience.

ISMT - PowerGen Grades and Specification Content

Comparision Tables - International Standerds
SA/A106   SA/A209SA/A210SA/A213
EN 10216-2EN 10216-4DIN 17173DIN 17176DIN 1717534613456 
Gr.ASA/A 179SA/A 192    P 235GH   St.35.8   
Gr.B    SA/A210Gr.A1 P 265GH   St.45.8STPT 3834583059/2-440
Gr.C    SA/A210Gr.C     17Mo4  3059/1-360
       16Mo3   15Mo3  3059/243
    T1/T1A P116Mo3   16Mo3STBA 12STPA 123606/245
      T5/P5X11CrMo5  X12CrMo195 STBA 25STPA 253604/625
       X11CrMo5  X12CrMo5   3606/625
      T9 / P9X11CrMo9-10  X12CrMo9-1 STBA 26STPA 263659-629-590
      T11 / P1110CrMo5-5  X12CrMo9-1 STBA 26STPA 233604/621
              3606 - 621
      T12 / P1212CrMo4-5   13CrMo4-4STBA 22STPA 223659/2-620
              3606 - 620
      T22 / P2210CrMo9-10   10CrMo9-10STBA 24STPA 243059/2-622-490
              3604 - 622
      T91 / P91X10CrWMoVNb9-1   X10CrMoVNb9-1STBA 28STPA 283059/2-91
      T92 / P92X10CrWMoVNb9-2    STBA 29STPA 29 
      T23 / P23        
      T36 / P36        
   SA/A 333 Gr1    P215NL/P255 QLTTSt35N/V     
   SA/A 333 Gr6          3603:1991-43-LT

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Special Products

Multi-Rifled Tubes

ISMT has developed special multi-rifled tubes that defeat the formation of steam films on the inside surface of the tube thus increasing heat transfer efficiency. These tubes are produced through a special cold drawing process ensuring tight tolerances on the rifle bore.

Long Length Tubes

We can supply both cold-drawn as well as hot-finished tubes upto 23.5 mm in length. The use of such tubes reduces the number of weld joints, thereby saving costs and increasing productivity.

Creep Resistant Tubes

ISMT is one of the few companies in the world to manufacture special creep resistant, alloy steel tubes (such as T91, T92, T23 etc.) for uninterrupted high temperature service (upto 625º C, 1155º F). The manufacture of such steels, as well as the manufacture of tubes made from these steels requires a tremendously high degree of discipline and stability in the manufacturing processes.

Header Pipes

We manufacture header pipes upto 273 mm OD (10 3/4 inches). These tubes are produced with special attention to straightness to enable ease of welding. We can supply tubes with straightness levels of 1 in 6000.

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